C.T.E.W. Group is a multi-disciplinary group of companies based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our services are diverse, inter-related and are customized for corporate, individual business or public enterprises.

C.T.E.W. Executive Personnel Services: Working with employers across all industry sectors to provide recruitment solutions from executive search, placement, contract staffing to pre-screening, reference checking and human resources expertise.

C.T.E.W. Hospitality: Providing the hospitality industry (including hotels, lodging facilities, resorts, restaurants and private clubs) with a centralized ‘solution/trouble shooting’ service.

C.T.E.W. Financial & Investment Consultants: Assisting entrepreneurs with all facets of establishing their business from advising on incorporations to strategic planning and people resources development.

Irrespective of the project, our objective is always to develop long-term relationships and enable our clients to achieve maximum returns from their investments or business operations.