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2020-01-11 18:07  www.ctewgroup.com


On january 8, a ukrainian international airline's boeing 737 crashed near tehran airport, iran, shortly after taking off from tehran, suddenly lost contact with the ground, and then fell to the ground, killing all its occupants.


The time point of the crash was sensitive, just after iran launched a missile attack on a us military base in iraq, when observers thought the plane had been shot down by iran's anti-aircraft missiles.


First of all, the sudden loss of contact is a relatively rare phenomenon for civil aviation passenger aircraft, especially in the early stage of take-off, only to fly 2400 meters high, often by plane friends must know that at this time passengers cannot even unfasten their seat belts to put down the small table board.


The plane must have suffered a very sudden incident before it went missing, just as the fighter suffered a heavy punch to the head in a boxing match. For a large airliner, even if hit by an ordinary portable missile, support to report danger is still no problem, only encounter a large anti-aircraft missile or a powerful bomb, it will instantly lose its response capacity.


On the other hand, iran's missile offensive is bound to prevent possible u. s. retaliation by launching an anti-missile system in tehran's sensitive region, and the airliner could be locked in and shot down.


But iran's government immediately denied the missile shot down, denouncing it as a \"rumor\" that the head of the iranian civil aviation organization said it was impossible to hit a ukrainian airliner.


This left iran's air traffic control agency's initial investigation report issued on the 8th full of logic holes: the report said the plane found \"technical problems\" after take-off and crashed as it prepared to return to the field, but shouldn't the pilot have informed the airport tower of the problem first time? The vast majority of aircraft have left communication records in the event of a breakdown, leaving no communication records, only those instantly incapacitated flights, since the flight cannot be contacted, how can iran know that the passenger plane has \"technical problems \"? Does iran's air traffic controllers have a long-range perspective?


Although the boeing aircraft has recently been scolded for being bloody, a \"technical glitch\" has caused such a fire, not to mention unprecedented and rare.


The Canadian Prime Minister issued a statement on January 9 confirming that the plane had been shot down by Iran after multiple sources of information. U.S. President Donald Trump has also publicly said the claim of a plane mechanical failure is not true, saying \"something very terrible has happened.\"


Then a video taken shortly after the take-off of a Ukrainian airliner appeared on the network, and the video, taken on a mobile phone, showed a passenger plane flying in the air, and then an object flashing through the air at high speed, and then there was an explosion.

高速飞行物体 闪光 爆炸,这是非常典型的导弹攻击场面,从巨大的爆炸声判断,弹头当量也远远超过便携式导弹。

High-speed flying objects Flash explosion, which is a very typical missile attack scene, judging from the loud explosion sound, the warhead equivalent is also far more than the portable missile.


A picture circulated online showing the location of the missile wreckage, the airport and the crash site,9M331 is a missile of Russia's Doyle air defense system and Iranian troops are armed


As long as you look at the map, you can see that the assumption is unreliable, and the U.S. military is so powerful that it is impossible to shoot down a missile hundred kilometers away from the Iranian capital. Furthermore, no anti-aircraft missile has such a long range and so fast that it can be shot down from outside within minutes of its departure.


In addition, even the iranian government did not use such sensationalism, but strongly denied that it was a missile downed flight, because once the aircraft was admitted to the missile down, the pot had to be their own back, want to throw on the americans, guess who would believe?