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2020-01-11 18:06  www.ctewgroup.com


The world has not changed for a hundred years, and uncertainty hovers like a ghost at many levels of global structure. Small countries can only follow the current, big countries have relatively more selectivity, but also more easily become the focus of various interests and contradictions.


In the past year, China has experienced a sustained trade war and a sudden outbreak of the Hong Kong practice, and attacks on Xinjiang's governance by the United States and the West have peaked. In the face of successive challenges, China does not have a strategic artifact to win, and to be honest, we look a little passive.


In retrospect, however, China's strategic determination in the passive situation shows a strong slow effort. We can always avoid the worst-case scenario, hold the market steady in the face of any shock, and then gradually control and reduce the losses on this basis, and then accumulate new momentum to reverse the adverse situation and form a strategically sound and positive change.



Before the news of a consensus on the first phase of the trade deal, China's confidence in moving forward in a trade war has accumulated, much higher than the anxiety that full pressure on the United States could seriously hamper China's recovery process. Both China's economy and its social psychology have weathered the shockwaves brought about by the US crackdown on the Chinese government, and China is becoming more physically and psychologically powerful.



The battle of xinjiang has also experienced the high tide of mass public opinion campaign launched by the united states and the west. China's determination is that we have seized the key to the continuous improvement of the actual situation in xinjiang, and carried out a protracted war with the facts on the land of xinjiang and the big lies outside.


The conflict has entered a phase of stalemate, with the anti-Xinjiang forces moving, but it doesn't take much to see that they are the Western bloc, and that a number of important Islamic countries have publicly supported China's Xinjiang governance. With Xinjiang's order and economic and social development getting better and better, religious contradictions and extreme incidents in other parts of the world are rising frequently, and the problems involving Xinjiang will also change, and the initiative of this public opinion war will gradually return to the hands of the Chinese people.


Attacks on China in all directions cannot really work because all of these attacks are based on false facts or wrong judgments. China does everything from reality to its attackers from their own values, and what kind of will and strong logic cannot compete with the real logic of the real world.


Although China is not the most powerful country, we have enough strength to defend our realistic philosophy. What is just and right sometimes requires a game to prove that it takes time to prove that China is capable of creating conditions for all this, which may be the essence of strategic determination.


China is not a country that will only meet the impact of rigid resistance, the thinking of reform and opening-up throughout China's response to all aspects of the challenge. China's determination is not to put all sorts of things in one position, our purpose is to constantly improve and move forward. We have a clear direction, and one thing after another is accumulating, not weakening our confidence.