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Although it is now only a municipal district under the city of Guangzhou, Panyu has opened the two thousand years of Lingnan civilization. She is located at the junction of the rivers and seas at the mouth of the Pearl River in the city of Guangzhou. The unique geographical environment makes it \"have mountain tea, have water to fish, have grass to herd, have fields to eat \".


And in recent years, Panyu housing prices have been rising, each determined to move from the CBD to Panyu living in Guangzhou, under the guise of \"escape from the urban area \", coveted Panyu everywhere food. As the population and restaurants in Panyu continue to grow, the late rush hour of several fast roads connecting the city's urban areas is beginning to get crazy, and it is said that 80 per cent of people who are stuck on the road will consider a long traffic jam:


Mud carp meat tender, but because of bone spines, inconvenient to eat, quite Zhang Ailing \"hate shad many thorns\" regret. However, this is precisely the achievement of the panyu chefs \"make the best use of\" innovation stage, qing dynasty, a sweet fragrance \"city bridge white sale\" came into being.


According to historical records, a chef in the teahouse found that the traditional roast pork stuffing is not enough, simply local materials, instead of fish, the mud carp after peeling off the bone, the fish into glue, and then mixed with wax, shrimp, tangerine peel, pepper, fish antler skin and other stuffing, and then take white mud carp gum as the skin made a white sweet fish meat burning, because of its white color, and pork burning to buy, named \"the city bridge white sell \",\" is still popular in the old teahouse in Panyu.


And Cantonese eat fish, in addition to taste good, also pay attention to the taste of dishes, the demand is a whole fish. Panyu people and Shunde people next door \"fried mud carp,\" the mud carp carefully scraped bone, get a complete fish skin, fish antler mixed with cilantro, dachshund, tangerine peel and then re-plug back, cleverly\" whitewash Taiping \"let the mud carp look nothing. After a heavy high-temperature oil fry, a variety of ingredients to push the taste of fish to the top of the delicious, the taste also really reached the outside Jiao Li Nen, dace from the inside to the outside of the reborn. A seemingly ordinary restaurant home dishes, eat to know Panyu taste is not ordinary.


There's also a \"climb up the golden hill\" that even endures a back-and-forth jam for two hours, the most \"tricky and fun\" way for dace fish to eat in panyu. The sashimi is piled into a \"hill\" shape, with lettuce underneath it, placed in the middle of an iron plate surrounded by a pot of hot water, and diners scoop it up from the bottom of the fish, and the fish rolls over two rounds of sauce after a few seconds of rinsing, accompanied by a hot white smoke inlet, and the delicious fresh flavor of the fish reaches a new level.


Lao Guang attaches great importance to the implication of the dishes auspicious, climb (grilled) Jinshan also so eat the image of the name, the so-called \"Jinshan climb, prosperity and prosperity \", delicious can also earn the good thing, how can it not be worth the Guangzhou people traffic jam two hours to come?


Panyu has a unique natural environment, located at the junction of salty and light water, salty about 14 degrees of water quality, extremely suitable for fish survival, so that panyu fishing is particularly rich, different seasons to panyu can eat not heavy surprise.


In addition to the family, the senior river fresh food will count the days to the yellow eyebrows, the horses, the yellow foot to go to Panyu. Fresh shore yellow eyebrows is most suitable for steaming with soy sauce;At the end of spring and early summer, there was a group of horsefish from the sea into the river, which was usually evaporated with ginger-shallot or oil bubble, and the fish oil was rich and sweet, and the cigarette was tough and delicious;Yellow feet, Guangfu people are nicknamed``chicken items on the bottom'' , because of the special hunting of prawns, cubes and crab, the meat is as tender and smooth as the small hen, and the hot pot is also very suitable.


In recent years, there are also popular white dove fish, very small scale, fine white fish intestines, even fish with fish with crisp and sweet taste, expert with white dove fish soup, milky milk, but Panyu master of Cantonese food is never willing to a dish, white pigeon fish and most fish fresh, garlic black bean steamed, onion oil fried, the same kind of food in Panyu table is a change of sweet fat.


Speaking of turning \"impossible\" into \"good food \", he had to push Panyu\" grasses \". Because the soil layer is deep and the water quality is good, Panyu grasses are famous for their individual hypertrophy, golden color and rich protein. Panyu grasses come out of the main way to frying, cooking, steaming, stewing, grasses scrambled eggs, tile bowl baked grasses, grasses scrambled eggs will appear in almost every Panyu restaurant, authentic grasses need fat pulp, protein filling mouth refreshing and smooth, to eat health of the Guangfu people but believe that this is a nourishing yin and spleen, warm body to go wet on the diet.


At the same time, both precious and delicious, when the number of \"Li Yunzi \". Panyu has been eating \"Weed\" since ancient times, this \"Weed\" called the small fresh-water crab because of the harm to crops are naturally sent to the table. Slowly people found that in the early spring to protect the eggs in the bosom of the wed, straight before the two chelate hug, one by one, like the ancients salute bow, more than the name of the \"Li Yun \".


For guangzhou people, liyunzi is much more rare than caviar. Its edible period is very short, Panyu people pinched the mating time before the Qingming Festival every year, catch the mother wedelia wedelia and take its eggs, repeatedly filtered and washed to obtain. Every ten catties of wed can only be made into a three-way cloud, and should not be put for a long time, or the color changes flavor.


If you can get people before and after the Qingming to find a few two Li Yunzi, remember to make a quick appointment on three or five friends, one or two steamed, one or two fried rice. Li Yunzi fresh gas is extremely heavy, after steaming such as Xia color brilliant, fine particles such as quicksand delicate and delicate entrance, simple steamed tofu or fried rice, a small spoonful can change the charm of a dish, but also let the table instantly shine the glittering background.


Must eat the traditional item is Jiang buried milk, Panyu water milk and Shunde name, the same sweet taste. However Panyu Shawan's Jiang buried milk more than a few human feelings, the emergence of Jiang buried milk because a Zeng family wants to bring several families together no longer because of small disputes, so use ginger juice to \"gather\" the milk together. When the spicy yellow ginger juice meets the water milk, the milk condenses smooth and elastic, the surface is as smooth as a mirror, the sweet taste neutralizes the spicy, all the harmony makes money.


Panyu sugar water is more than that. Panyu big, locals like their own captive chickens, ducks and geese, but the land is still large, Panyu Zhongcun an old dessert shop, simply own 100 cows, to ensure the daily supply of fresh milk in the store. This wave operation, is not sweet to the heart?


There seems to be simple, but the ratio of heat and egg-milk requirements of the extremely high egg-fried milk, hot milk and egg paste perfect fusion, strong egg fragrance wrapped around milk fragrance, soft and smooth entrance, Panyu people to ordinary ingredients love each other's imagination in the dessert is also played to the extreme.


Some old-name dessert shops will also have radish cake and horseshoe cake, if you see \"big stone crisp-skinned horseshoe cake\" please do not let go, spring teeth refreshing horseshoe cake mixed with sweet crisp horseshoe grains, sesame aroma, fried to the skin golden crisp, a bite down, exclamation of the world's \"sweet\" level can have so many forms. And the golden oil dipped in osmanthus nectar fried big egg powder, flow heart milk Nuomici...


Like herdsmen living by water grass, Panyu's pig shop, is a butcher yard and open. In the 1990s, there were slaughterhouses in Panyu, where live pigs were usually killed at 11 o'clock in the evening, and the fresh pigs cut off became a hot item in Panyu's various supper shops - diners from the city would call friends from more than 10 o'clock and drive to Panyu to arrive before midnight to grab the latest round of pig miscellaneous for the day.


\"The enemy has an hour left to arrive in the canteen,\" when the\" supper ball \"into the countdown, every pig shop owner will become the most beautiful. Hot still beat the heart of the pig, the remaining warmth of the hand-wet pork liver and pork belly, in a bright red eye, by the boss neatly coded on the iron plate, over there on the pig miscellaneous white smoke rising, this table has been wolf smoke everywhere.


See the pork belly, pig intestines, pig large intestine head, raw intestines, pig ladder a pair of caught, the boss is tired of telling these fragrant and delicious parts to make iron plate with celery, garlic, pig liver, pig waist, pig heart and other pig water can roll a pot of pig porridge.... There are also cool pig liver water and ginger baked pig tongue, gastrointestinal function on the eat more than two.


``When it's hot, it's hot! ``The dinner table always keeps saying hello, under this unknown suburban iron shed, the warm people so together at night and night, from midnight to morning, only warm porridge knows their fatigue, see those``face to the sky'' . This bowl of porridge is dry and it is the busy world again.